Technololgy Overview

Technology Overview

MiVue technology was designed with the manufacturer in mind. Because time-to-value, security and ease of use are very important to manufacturers we built a platform that will give you confidence to start and stay on your Industry 4.0 journey.

Data is collected at a number of different machines by connecting to their controllers – whether this is a PLC controlled or embedded device. The connection is typically made with an easy to connect CAT 5 cable or RS485 serial cable. Of course, there are special cases where we will need to partner with the customer to engineer and integrate a connection solution.

The router housed in a rugged enclosure that is enclosed in the control panel of the machine, protecting it from the rugged environments seem in many factories.

The cellular technology used is similar to your phone. However, we provide robust connectivity with an antenna much better than your phone.

Your machine data is sent to and secured in Microsoft Azure. By leveraging Microsoft’s extensive expertise in cloud computing and security, MiVue provides the best place to store and access your data.

To view, analyze and make sense of your machine data, we’ve developed an intuitive and colorful user interface that you can access from anywhere in the world, on any device that’s connected to the internet. If you only need quick alerts or notifications, MiVue will send an email or text to your phone. Whether you view the data on a laptop in your office or on your phone in an airport, you will have connected insight.

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