Resin drying is very important to many plastic forming processes because moisture can cause numerous problems. Resin dryers utilize many different technologies including desiccant bed, desiccant wheel, and vacuum to remove moisture.

Drying performance and energy efficiency are top-of-mind for processors’ minds when making improvements to their processes.

MiVue provides connected insight into the most critical aspects of drying including dew point and temperatures.

The uptime of drying equipment is critical because it is often in line with the primary processing equipment. Improve your equipment uptime with quick response to alerts about the drying process:

Drying Solutions by MiVue
Dryer Status Image by MiVue
Dryer Machines Status by MiVue

Thresholds provide a tool for operators and maintenance personnel to stay ahead of blending problems before they cause downtime or quality problems:

Drying Text Message Alert by MiVue
Dryer Thresholds Image by MiVue

The process temperature dashboard enables fast troubleshooting leading to improved uptime and confidence that material is properly dried, leading to less scrap and higher throughput.

Drying Temperatures Charts by MiVue

Now, service support is a just a click away with any MiVue enabled dryer. Service requests will efficiently gather all the pertinent information about your dryer problem and send it to the OEM, enabling an efficient resolution of any issues.

Dryer Service Request Image by MiVue

Additionally, the MiVue data tool provides the ability to view and analyze dryer data by a technician to aid in quick troubleshooting and improve time-to-fix and uptime. Troubleshooting can be done at machine side or a remote location, allowing the right expertise to quickly come together to solve difficult technical issues.

Dryer Data Tool by MiVue

Our partner OEM brands have ready-to-connect controls. Therefore, the installation of the MiVue router is very simple on dryers. Quickly connect the provided cables to the dryer’s controls and mount them into the control panel. You’ll have drying insight in minutes!

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