New Equipment

New Equipment

MiVue offers a variety of new equipment that is enabled to collect data at start-up. Bringing the machine online and ready to provide insights into its operation.

Learn more about specific equipment that is ready to order here:

Blending Solutions by MiVue
Drying Solutions by MiVue
More Equipment Optimizing Soon:
  • Granulators
  • Temperature Control Units
  • Process Cooling

Retrofit Kits

Upgrade your existing equipment with MiVue’s smart technology. Easily connect to start receiving data and take action to optimize your current equipment.

MiVue Kit Image by MiVue
The MiVue Connective Kit comes complete with all the accessories you need to optimize your existing equipment.

Custom Integration Projects

Custom Integration Projects

For manufacturers wanting to optimize their factory with Industry 4.0 technology, MiVue can offer custom-built integrations. Speak with a consultant today to discuss your factory needs.

Features for Custom Projects:
  • Integrate with broad range of OEM offerings
  • Partner with MiVue to develop a system tailored to your factory
  • Build custom data points specific to your operation
  • Leverage existing IoT platform for a quick time to value solution

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