Advanced Security

How secure is the MiVue Platform?

Advanced Security IconThe MiVue platform has been developed to and is operated in accordance with common industry security standards. The gateway transmits fully encrypted data via a secure cellular network to the IoT hub and via a VPN to the cloud data center.

Why cellular data transmission? Isn’t this service expensive?

Cellular data transmission does not require the user to provide company-wide network access as is the case for an Ethernet / LAN connection, therefore eliminating OT/IT barriers. Deployments are quick and secure, there are no firewalls to be managed by the user’s IT department. Cellular networks are isolated from the user’s network, eliminating security threats and vulnerabilities. The total costs of cellular data transmission are often lower compared to Ethernet / LAN connections. There are no additional cellular service fees paid by the user. To make the pricing simple, all fees are included in the MiVue SaaS subscription plan.

Can a 3rd party gain access to my machine via the installed MiVue Gateway?

The MiVue gateway features a Remote Management System (RMS) which is a proprietary software factory installed and paired with the device’ SIM card. Access to the RMS is via HTTPS. All communication is encrypted, ensuring no one will be able to intercept any login details or gain unauthorized access to an account. The OAuth 2.0 authentication method with two-way verification, prevents unauthorized access even when login credentials are compromised or stolen. RMS has been tested according to OWASP methodology by the Bell Canada Cyber Security Team, with no vulnerabilities identified. All of these protections provide a very safe and secure way of transmitting machine data.

Who has access to my data?

Only authorized users set up by the client’s administrator have access to the data in the MiVue platform. The auxiliary equipment manufacturer has access to relevant performance data for the purpose of monitoring and alerting to unsafe conditions and required assists and maintenance. Your data will not be shared with other MiVue customers.

How secure is the data stored in the MiVue cloud?

The MiVue cloud is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. The Azure cloud infrastructure is fully ISO 27001 (Cloud Security) and ISO 27018 (Cloud Privacy) compliant and registered. Cloud infrastructures are monitored 24/7/365, are frequently tested for potential vulnerabilities, and employ state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures. MiVue utilizes Microsoft’s extensive expertise in cloud computing and security, providing the best place to store and access your data. This allows you to focus on managing your operations rather than worrying about the complexity and cost of on-premise storage.

Where are the cloud servers physically located?

The MiVue cloud is hosted in locations in the U.S.A.

Can malicious elements penetrate my company’s IT network via MiVue?

One of the benefits of the MiVue platform is the cellular data transmission. Unlike Ethernet or Wi-Fi-based LAN connectivity, where the user needs to provide a network, IP addresses, and open Firewalls, MiVue connects via a secure cellular network which is completely isolated from the user’s IT network.

How reliable is the data connection? Can data get lost?

The MiVue platform is monitored 24/7/365 and is maintained by automated systems in the event of disaster recovery or emergency mitigation, which is tested frequently. MiVue utilizes two separate data centers located in the U.S. in order to ensure uptime and data stability. MiVue maintains documented and tested processes for Data Recovery Plan (DRP) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

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