About Us: MiVue

What is MiVue

For manufacturers who need more wisdom about their process, MiVue is an innovative data analytics solution that drives resource optimization. It was designed for manufacturers, by manufacturers.

MiVue provides you with real time condition monitoring of critical manufacturing assets, enabling you to see inside your equipment and operations.

What can MiVue Solve for you?

Increased Uptime

MiVue provides insight into the performance of critical components and subsystems of manufacturing equipment. MiVue facilitates a direct link to the equipment manufacturer for service support. The platform will send alerts on equipment and maintenance data points, allowing for quicker reactions to problems, resulting in substantially higher uptime.

Unplanned downtime of critical equipment remains one of the most disruptive challenges in manufacturing equipment uptime. MiVue significantly reduces unplanned downtime by enabling predictive maintenance and providing prescriptive maintenance insight.

Equipment Availability

The MiVue platform provides real time insight into the operating state of connected equipment on the manufacturing floor. Users know the utilization and availability of machines and can schedule accordingly. Data on planned and unplanned downtime is captured, aiding in the prioritization of corrective and improvement actions.

Reduced Operational Costs

MiVue saves labor costs by enabling remote troubleshooting and automating reports. MiVue lowers material costs by interpreting equipment data to reduce scrap and optimize material usage.

Service and Maintenance

MiVue enables remote service assistance from machinery OEMs allowing accurate and fast troubleshooting as well as efficient sourcing of service parts. Maintenance personnel is better equipped with MiVue to diagnose and troubleshoot.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a critical performance indicator in all manufacturing operations and is derived from equipment availability, performance (throughput, cycle time), and quality. MiVue reports equipment availability and shows comparative performance across different shifts and different manufacturing cells allowing the user to improve OEE and operational performance with data-based insight.

Who is ACS Group?

With a long history of supplying manufacturers with world-class equipment and solutions, ACS Group continues to revolutionize the manufacturing process by helping manufacturers transform with new technologies in automation & digitization. ACS has developed the MiVue platform to enable manufacturers to optimize their resources.

ACS Group supports a wide range of well-known brands including:
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More than Equipment. We offer Solutions.

With over a century of industry experience, the ACS Group family of brands provide a complete range of world-class equipment. Our responsive team of technical experts provide solutions, not just equipment. We commit to helping our customers find cost-effective solutions with high-quality products, services and on-time delivery.

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